One place, all your cloud files

Keep files from across any of your apps organized in virtual folders.

We wanted one file manager for all of our apps

Things were simpler when files were right on our desktop and we only needed a few folders to keep things organized. While the cloud brought many fantastic tools, our apps and data in it began to pile up.

Now, we have our files spread across tons of apps: sitting in Dropbox, sent to us on Slack, shared on Google Drive, waiting in Docusign, attached to emails.

We believe you shouldn't have to worry about staying organized in 10 different places. Publist is your universal cloud organization system.

Join thousands of users at great companies keeping their clouds organized with Publist.

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What our customers are saying

“I have been impressed by the founders' responsiveness to requests, recommendations, and reports of issues. The vision & roadmap are ambitious - but focused on a theme with a defined direction - and this makes the platform and team exciting and credible. There is a lot yet to build out for Publist, but what is there already as a cloud storage solution is nice and the integrations that already exist work well. What we see now is the seed for something amazing.”

- Leonard Chu
“I have a couple of businesses and it just seems I keep collecting cloud file storage services. It makes it really hard to find the files I am looking for across both businesses. I really hate opening Windows Explorer, finding either the two OneDive icons or the two DropBox icons, choose the right one and then go digging for my files. Publist is really going to simplify that process. In addition, we use a third-party PDF viewer and editor that loads slowly when opening a local PDF file. Publist's built-in file viewer is really fast for quickly looking through files. I also prefer to work with companies I like and they have been great about prioriizing their roadmap based on user requests. You really can't complain about a company that is tailoring their product to your needs!”

- AJ Gyomber
“Publist is sure to encounter some growing pains in the early stages, but if you can look apart from that, this is sure to be a killer app in the making. I really like the idea of being able to hook up all my cloud storages (pCloud and Google Drive) to quickly switch between them and find what I need. Once the full documents, audio and video management features are complete, Publist will certainly be one of the best investments I've made.”

- Nichlas Brandon

Access files in any cloud

Bridging desktop and cloud data
Keep files out of silos. Publist connects files in all the cloud apps you already use in one place. Preview, save, and organize files from your Gmail, Slack, Docusign, Google Drive, Box, and many other accounts.

Use apps without worrying where your files end up.
Access files in any cloud

Advanced Security

Behind Publist is robust, tested infrastructure designed to protect your data whenever you transfer, store, or access it.

Publist secures data in transit and at rest with industry standard encryption (AES-256). Publist is powered by the same infrastructure providers most of your current tools use. Finally, frequent backups stored offsite make data practically impervious to interruption or loss.

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